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Reversing the Facial Aging Process

Our Stem Cell Facial with microneedling contain human cytokines derived from various kinds of stem cells.
These proteins have the ability to turn on skin cells repair mechanisms as well as activate particular genes involved with reversing the facial aging process.
Cytokines will activate cell receptors, and this induces gene expression in the nucleus.  This phenomenon leads to the production of essential proteins needed for tissue remodeling such as collagen.

Used in combination with the collagen induction therapy treatment for improving the epidermal / dermal complex.  Our unique technique has dramatic results consistent with erbium ablative laser and TCA peels; however the down time and side effects are adversely eliminated.  We recommend the use of one of our Vitamin C or CoQ10  Masks after this treatment protocol in order to attenuate erythema and edema as a result of our comprehensive needle strategy.

Our matrix of growth factors induce dermal thickening as a result of enhanced collagen expression where there is an elimination of compromised older skin cells and beautiful texture is then revealed.